EC Builders Council

EarthCraft Builders Council is a Council of active members of Viridiant and HBAR. Goals for the Council are -

1. Increase the brand awareness of EarthCraft certification to the public and the building community.
2. Sharing of EarthCraft best practices with committed builder members
3. Drive higher values to builders that implement EarthCraft standards and testing

The EarthCarft Builders Council meets on the third Thursday of every month at 2:30pm at HBAR headquarters, alternating months with Viridiant’s Building Science Lecture Series. The EarthCraft Builders Council is open to HBAR members committed to green, high-performance home building. The Council was designed to increase awareness of EarthCraft certified homes, develop a network of informed builders, and drive values of certified homes.

Following meetings are scheduled for 2017

March 16  August 17 
 April 20 September 21
May 18 October 19
June 15 November 16
July 20 December 21