Downside of Creek

Recent changes in Codes, both Federal and County, requires going over a creek a little more challenging than before. The access road in this project goes over an existing perennial creek. We had to get the help of a Civil Engineer to show the top of the road will be over 100 year flood level. This required three 30" pipes to be installed on a 24" wide creek. Sounds like an over reach, but the idea is to have access to the house in the rare event of a flood rising above the 100 year level. Previously a single 24" pipe would have worked. Needless to say, this increased our site cost by over four times compared to before.

 If you have a creek in your lot, make sure you talk to the County first before even beginning to think about building. If your lot falls under Resource Protection Area (RPA), it will create more restrictions. An RMA (Resource Management Area) is less restrictive but both will severely restrict the area where you can build.