Porch Renovation

Our very first project. Client wanted to build a bigger covered porch. However, location of home near the front setback lines prevented us from enlarging the porch due to County code restrictions. So, we settled for designing a cover over the existing porch, flaring the existing brick steps, and install a curved railing. We proposed a thick round tapered column. Client liked the Roman Ionic Cap for the column. We proposed a thicker baluster for the false balcony to enhance the overall richness.


Project Details

  • Renovate existing porch to add a roof and false balcony
  • Add flare to existing straight steps
  • Refinish existing entrance door

Project Gallery

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  • After_2015
  • After_2015
  • After_2015
  • Before_2014
Photos by Soumitra Banerjee

Client Feedback

We would not have expected a better person to do this job than yourself.

The Client



Client is very happy with the design and finished product. We totally underestimated the time it would take to finish the project. We are very grateful to our clients for their patience and understanding.