Existing deck remodeled to double the original size for a total of 286 sf of deck space. A seating area was added in the corner with pergola on top. String lights creates a nice ambiance at night. The stair orientation was changed to connect to a future patio.

Project Details

  • Existing deck 142 sf; Addition 144 sf ; Total Deck: 286 sf
  • New decking and railing
  • Added bench and pergola
  • Changed direction of stair to go down to future patio
  • Added string lights for ambiance
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Our very first project. Client wanted to build a bigger covered porch. However, location of home near the front setback lines prevented us from enlarging the porch due to County code restrictions. So, we settled for designing a cover over the existing porch, flaring the existing brick steps, and install a curved railing. We proposed a thick round tapered column. Client liked the Roman Ionic Cap for the column. We proposed a thicker baluster for the false balcony to enhance the overall richness.

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Our very first Custom Design-Build High-performance home project. Project was completed in Nov 2016.

This home has many upscale features and upgrades. The exterior sheathing is 1" insulated ZIP R-sheathing by Huber, adding more insulation value and preventing thermal bridging. We are the first contractor to use this product in Richmond area, as unofficially verified by Huber representative.

Master bath was designed to accommodate wheel chair access with curbless linear drain and expanded space for toilet with grab bars. Niches were created in the bathroom and in the shower area for display items and toiletries.

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