Energy Efficient Custom Homes

If you are looking to have a custom home built, but the environment and how we leave our planet for future generations is important to you, then building a high-performance, energy efficient custom home makes sense. Theta Homes builds energy efficient homes because we are passionate about giving you better indoor air quality and comfort, saving energy and giving you a better home compared to code compliant homes.

Why Theta Homes?

Soumitra Banerjee, owner of Theta Homes, is committed to building homes that provide better indoor air quality and comfort. He has been involved in the design, remodeling, and construction of homes and commercial buildings in the Richmond, VA area since 1992. He is passionate about building homes that reduce our carbon footprint.

What We Build

Energy Efficient – EarthCraft Certified Homes

At Theta Homes we specialize in building energy efficient, EarthCraft certified homes. To be EarthCraft certified we first had to become an EarthCraft certified builder which means we went through the training and abide by their regulations to stay certified. For your home to be certified, it must be at least 30% more efficient than those homes built to standard code. That means real savings in your energy bills.  While 30% is good our homes typically come in even better than that.

The Most Requested Home Styles

The styles we build most are craftsman, farmhouse, and contemporary but we can build all styles of home.  While single level homes (also called ranch style) are very popular we also build two-story homes, and two-story homes with main level master bedrooms. If you already have a floorplan in mind, we can build it. If you want the floorplan modified or you want a floorplan created from scratch, we can do that as well.  We love working on new ideas and bringing your custom home dreams to fruition.

Custom Home Build Time

There are many steps in the new home construction process. However, once you approve the design of your home and assuming you already own the land, our new home build time, from start to finish, is typically five months.

What We Consider Standard

When it comes to building a custom home, some builders start with construction grade materials and upcharge you for what we consider standard. These are just a few of the items we include as standard:

  • 1" (minimum) ZIP R-Sheathing by Huber - reduces thermal bridging & adds insulationAdvanTech
  • sub-flooring by Huber - superior quality
  • Spider blown-in insulation by Johns Manville - no shrinkage or settling , formaldehyde free

Getting Started

Getting started on your new home is as easy as scheduling an appointment. We’ll meet for about 45 minutes and talk about what and where you want to build.  We’ll review the process and next steps.  There is no obligation with this meeting, it is just an opportunity for you to ask all the questions you have and to learn more about building a home with Theta-Homes.  

To get started on building your new, energy efficient custom home, schedule your no obligation, FREE new home information meeting today!  Call us at: +1 (804) 519-2331 or fill out our Getting Started form in the right hand column today!