1617-1621, & 1625-1629 Chestnut Park Ln, Richmond VA - started 2 duplex houses (4 homes) in historic Highland Park area in Richmond, VA. These are going to be #EarthCraft certified energy efficient homes. These are 3rd & 4th duplexes we are building in this neighborhood for #SCDHC (https://www.scdhc.com/), a non-profit organization committed to building communities that change lives. #energyefficiency , #Viridiant, #duplex, #SFA, #affordablehousing, #home.

We came up with a new logo for Theta Homes. Hope you like it.

We were awarded a high-end contemporary home in Powhatan County. The home is designed by Architect "hays+ewing design studio" in Charlottesville, VA. The house is 2,760 sf and has a 1st floor master bedroom suite. We are very fortunate to get this job and extremely excited to work on this home.

This project is another great example of what can be done to an existing home when the owners decide to spend the rest of their lives in the home. Their kitchen and dining room served well over many years. Being empty nesters for a while, it wasn't necessary to think about changing anything. However, with grand kids and expanding close family, they decided it was time to work on the kitchen and dining rooms to make these spaces slightly bigger to serve their needs. We listened and came up with a proposed design that they liked.


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We were awarded a second home to build in "Matthews at Chestnut Hill" development. All homes in this development are Single Family Attached building (commonly referred as Duplex). One unit is 1,528 sf and has 3 bedrooms, 2 1/2 bath. The second unit is 1,120 sf and has 2 bedrooms, 1 1/2 bath. This house is in a new development in the historical neighborhood of Highland Park located north of downtown Richmond. The site is developed by Southside Community Development and Housing Corporation, a non-profit, committed to building communities that change lives. Our design firm, Banerjee & Goff, designed all the homes in this development. We are honored and proud to be part of this development.

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