Working on another remodel project. Attached is the proposed design of a bathroom in an attic space. Marble tiles, marble mosaic, wainscoting, etc. Other work includes replacing carpet with wood flooring, replacing carpet and paint.

We started construction on a Single Family Attached building (commonly referred as Duplex). Each unit is 1,528 sf and has 3 bedrooms, 2 1/2 bath. This house is in a new development in the historical neighborhood of Highland Park located north of downtown Richmond. The site is developed by Southside Community Development and Housing Corporation, a non-profit, committed to building communities that change lives. Our design firm, Banerjee & Goff, designed all the homes in this development. We are honored and proud to be part of this development.

3-D Rendering by Banerjee & Goff

We have a remodeling project in the Glen Allen, VA area in the Wyndham neighborhood. The existing house is approximately 4,506 sf. We proposed a 5 ft extension of the kitchen to give the owners their dream kitchen, completely remodeling the Master Bath, replacing the deck with a Patio, and few other enhancements. The kitchen extension will add 88 sf to the total area but the proposed size can accommodate everything they ever dreamed of having in a kitchen. We will post proposed rendering as soon as we get them finalized.

We are doing a concrete replacement project for a Convenience Store in Ashland, VA. The gas tanks and some pipes were repaired and/or replaced by another contractor specialized in that area. We are replacing the concrete that had to be removed during the repair.

Our first Custom design home is finished! The HERS score came in at 59, making it 41% more Energy Efficient than a Code built home of the same size. More pictures to come.


Project Gallery

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  • McD 2ndBath
  • McD 2ndBed
  • McD Backyard
  • McD Deck_Screened_Porch
  • McD Dining
  • McD Dining2
  • McD Fireplace1
  • McD Fireplace2
  • McD Front1
  • McD Front_dusk
  • McD Front_dusk2
  • McD GreatRoom
  • McD Kitchen
  • McD Master_Bath_2
  • McD Master_Bath_curbless_entry
  • McD Master_Bed
  • McD Master_Bed2
  • McD Rear_Deck
  • McDorman